Jagua & Henna Cones

Jagua & Henna Cones


3 Jagua cones and 3 Henna cones or 5 Jagua cones and 5 Henna cones.


Jagua and Henna Cones are avialable in 2 essential oil scents. Eucalyptus and Lavender. Henna cones are made with Henna Powder, Sugar, Essential oil and water. Jagua henna cones are made with Henna Powder, sugar, essential oils and Jagua juice.

Jagua henna cones leave a blueish black/maroon stain with proper care. Each cone weighs around 17-20 grams.


What is Jagua juice? Jagua juice is an extract of the fruit Genipa americana. Geneva americana grows in rainforests and is a species of Genipa, native to northern South America, the Caribbean and southern Mexico. When applied to skin it leaves a bluish black stain. You should avoid Jagua if you are allergic to kiwi and strawberries.


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