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Henna FAQ's

  • What is Henna?
    Henna is a plant. Also known as Lawsonia inermis. The leaves are harvested, dried, crushed into super fine powder, sifted and then made into a henna paste. The plant contains natural dye called Lawsone that stains the top layer of your skin. Henna also stains hair, nails and untreated wood and animal skin in some cases.
  • Do you make your own henna? Is it all Natural and Organic?
    Yes! I only use henna is made by us. This lets us control the quality of our ingredients and we can also gaurantee am amazing stain if you follow proper aftercare. Below are the 4 ingredients in our henna paste. Body Art Quality Organic Henna powder Steam Distilled Organic Essential Oils Organis Sugar Distilled Water
  • How far in advance do you suggest getting Henna done for an event?
    We recommend getting your henna done 2-3 days before your event. Henna requires about 48 hours for the stain to mature.
  • How do you suggest we take care of our henna and the stain?
    We provide aftercare cards for all appointments. Our brides also get a henna aftercare kit with their appointments along with written instru ctions so they can get the best stain possible. We strongly suggest to follow the aftercare as best as you can for the best stain.
  • Can henna be used on Kids and/or Pregnant women?
    We recommend kids over the age of 6 to get henna. Kids with G6PD deficiency should not get henna. Pregnant women in their 3rd trimester can also get henna. We recomment using only lavender essential oil paste only.
  • How do we book your services for bridal and guest henna?
    You can fill out the form here. We will follow up with an email.
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